Ann-Marie Simpson
Holistic Health Practitioner & Product Formulator

Ann-Marie has professional registration with ANMT regulating body and holds qualifications as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher as well as being a qualified Meditation and Holistic Health Practitioner.

Ann-Marie uses an holistic approach to all her treatments and therapies, working with the mind, body and spirit.  

She holds meditation and mindfulness classes, either individual or for groups of up to 12 people.  

Intuitive Healing is also one of Ann-Marie's specialities.  Intuitive healing focuses on your spiritual energy system, unblocking and releasing stale or unwanted energies.  Restoring energy flow brings balance back to the body and helps to treat physical, mental and spiritual illnesses. 

Ann-Marie is available to answer your questions or queries via email on,  through our contact us section on this website or by sending a private message through our Facebook page, Two Green Witches.