Reflexology, also known as zone therapy is a type of therapy that uses  pressure on specific points along your feet to help you feel better, easing stress and helping your body work better.

The way reflexology connects spots on the outside of your body to the inside is a bit like acupuncture and acupressure.  

Like these other therapies, reflexology is complementary to medical treatments. It can be done alongside traditional care, but it’s not an alternative to it, and reflexologists don’t diagnose or treat illnesses.

Reflexology Benefits

Reflexology helps you feel:

  •  less stressed
  • more relaxed
  • more energized

But the benefits might go deeper if you have certain health issues.

Some people with medical conditions find that they feel less pain and discomfort if they have less stress.  Studies of the psychological benefits of the therapy have found that it boosted feelings of well-being and made it easier for people to manage their conditions.