It can be very difficult to know what ingredients the larger commercial companies use in their skincare products, and some very commonly used skincare ingredients can be harmful or even toxic.

These are some potentially harmful ingredients that you can find in many skincare products:

  • Parabens: parabens are preservatives that help prevent the growth of microorganisms like yeast and bacteria. Unfortunately, they are believed to disrupt hormone function which is why paraben use has been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues.
  • Fragrance: the thing about scented products is that many companies don’t specify what ingredients they use to create their fragrances. Fragrances can lead to dermatitis, allergies, and respiratory distress; some research has linked scented body products to reproductive system issues.
  • Triclosan: this additive works as an antimicrobial agent, but it could also disrupt your endocrine system. It can also irritate your skin, and certain studies have proposed that it could increase antibiotic resistance in bacteria
  • Formaldehyde: even though this substance is a known human carcinogen, it is still included in many shampoos, eye shadows, nail polishes, body washes, and conditioners.
  • Toluene: you can also find this ingredient listed as toluol, benzene, methylbenzene, or phenylmethane. It is mostly found in nail polishes and hair colouring products. Toluene can cause mild damage to the skin and eyes, and can also cause headaches, dizziness and cracked skin.
  • Phthalates: there are many different types of phthalates that are used in the beauty industry. They are present in lotions, nail polish, perfumes, and hair products. They have been linked damage of the liver and reproductive system.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES): these additives can be found in 9 out of every 10 personal care and cleaning products. These ingredients can be irritants, and they have the potential to form carcinogen compounds if they are mixed with other chemicals.

What Are The Benefits Of Natural Skincare Products?

One of the most important benefits of natural skin care products is how eco-friendly they are. It’s no secret that most manufacturing industries produce serious amounts of waste, use tons of water, and harm the environment. These effects continue even after you have used the products since containers go to landfills and chemicals are washed down the drain.

But by using natural skin care products, you are helping protect our planet. By doing this, you are reducing your own waste production and avoiding products that can contain harmful ingredients. Instead, you could be using natural products that don’t hurt the environment.

Traditional skincare products can also cause irritation, allergies, and dermatitis. It is very common to develop an allergic reaction to a product. Long term, you could face uneven skin, pimples, acne, discoloration, and even scars as a result of these reactions.

It is also very likely that your skin will actually look and feel better after switching to natural skin care products. Many of the preservatives and additives that you can find in traditional skincare can dry your skin, which is why natural moisturizers can be much better for you.

Using natural ingredients could also save you some money since they tend to be very affordable. Many times, we already have these things at home and simply don’t know how to use them on our skin!

Thinking about using natural skin care products can feel overwhelming at first. We grow up used to traditional cosmetics and products, and it can be difficult to gauge where you should start and how to make a change to your habits.

The good news is that natural skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, most of us already own products that we can use as a healthier alternative to beauty and skincare products. You simply have to do some research, experiment and learn more about what your skin needs to be healthy and glowing.