What is a Base or Carrier Oil?

Carrier Oil, also known as base oil or vegetable oil, is used to dilute essential oils before they are applied to the skin or used combined with natural butters, vitamins and essential oils as creams, lotions and balms in natural skin and haircare products.

There are a range of different carrier oils, each with various therapeutic properties.  Listed below are just a few that we use in our products.

Apricot Kernel Oil: Best for combination to dry skin, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-aging, antiseptic and anti-bacterial.

Argan Oil:  Suitable for most skin types will restore and repair skin without clogging pores

Camelina Oil:  Suitable for most skin types, acts as a good moisturiser.  As it contains vitamin E and omega oils it helps to improve skin tone and prevent free radical damage.

Coconut Oil: Best for dry skin types, helps to reduce inflammation and heal wounds. Aside from its anti-aging and skin-healing properties, this oil also stimulates the production of collagen and is full of vitamin E, which protects from sun damage.

Evening Primrose Oil: Best for oily, acne prone skin, helps to reduce hyperpigmentation.

Hemp Seed Oil: Tolerated by all skin types it has amazing mositurising and skin softening properties.  Used as a treatment for dry, itchy skin as well as psoriasis and eczema.